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Broadband Achieves Majority Fastest - SEM Trend Presentation - Delta Encoding and RSS - Optimization Week of December 18, 2007

Optimization Week Issue #90, December 18, 2007

In this issue we've got three new items for you. First up we report that broadband is the fastest growing consumer technology, besting even the CD player. Next check out our new PDF presentation on SEM trends, based on a talk given at a local IT meeting. Also we explore the use of delta encoding to compress RSS feeds to save bandwidth. Finally at least four airlines have announced plans to offer wireless broadband on flights. Happy holidays.

Broadband Achieves Majority Fastest
Faster than any other consumer technology, broadband achieved more than 50% adoption according to a survey by Pew Internet. Iceland leads the EU27 in household broadband penetration. Meanwhile, US Broadband Uptake Grows to 86.3% Among Active Internet Users. Dec. 18, 2007.
New Website Optimization Presentation
This presentation explores trends in search engine marketing and how budgets are shifting from traditional media to new media including the Internet. As PPC costs rise, ad budgets are shifting toward natural search engine optimization. Shows trends in ad budgets, search queries, metrics, meta tags, and the use of the weblogs to boost visibility. Talk given to the Ann Arbor IT Zone on Nov. 20, 2007 by Andrew B. King, as part of a panel discussion.
Use Delta Encoding to Compress RSS newsfeeds
Learn how to use delta encoding to compress your RSS XML newsfeeds. Save bandwidth by using delta compression for your RSS files. Nov. 30, 2007.
How Four Airlines Plan to Connect Fliers to the Web
The friendly skies will get more Internet friendly in the near future. At least four airlines have announced plans to offer broadband access in their planes. Dec. 7, 2007