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Automated Color Harmonization Tools - Introduction to Website Optimization Presentation - Optimization Week of January 17, 2007

Optimization Week Issue #74, December 17, 2007

We've got two new items for you this time, an article on color harmony, and a presentation I gave recently introducting Website Optimization, LLC to an advertising firm. First learn how to make your design sing with color harmony tools. We review an automated color harmony tool developed by researchers at Tel Aviv University and Microsoft. The gizmo is the only one I know of that automatically changes the pixels of an image to harmonize the colors, according to a mathematical scheme.

Next if you want see what happens behind the scenes at Website Optimization, LLC the company and website optimization in general, don't miss our new PDF presentation. It introduces the company I started in 2002, what services we offer, example clients, and some case studies with results. Along the way you'll learn how the web optimization process works, and what to expect from a web optimization company.

Automated Color Harmony Tools
Make your designs sing in four-part color harmony with these automated color harmonization tools. We review a joint effort by Microsoft and Tel Aviv University to automatically enhance the color harmony of an image.
Website Optimization Introduction: Company, Services, and Case Studies (PDF, 1951K)
An introduction to Website Optimization, LLC and the process of web site optimization in general. Describes the services available including website performance, search engine marketing, and usability and accessibility reviews and testing. Shows case studies of actual WSO clients and results. Talk given at an advertising firm in Detroit, Michigan in January 2007 by Andrew B. King.