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Faster Dedicated Server for WebSiteOptimization.com - CSS Overlays - Optimization Week of May 8, 2006

Optimization Week Issue #63, May 8, 2006

This time we've got two new stories for you. First, we're pleased to announce that we've switched over to a faster dedicated server for WebSiteOptimization.com. The traffic on the analyzer and the site has increased recently and response times were suffering. The new server should be significantly faster, although at peak times you still may experience some slowdowns due to heavy usage of the analyzer. We're investigating additional software solutions. Next, we show how to use CSS to create overlays for that layered look.

Faster Dedicated Server for WebSiteOptimization.com
We're happy to announce that we've switched over to a new faster dedicated server for Website Optimization, LLC. Due to the increased load on the Web Page Analyzer and the site proper over the weekend we upgraded our server to a more powerful model. The new server has dual high-speed processors, four times the memory, faster hard drives, more available bandwidth, and Enterprise Linux. We're still HTTP compressing our HTML and we've thrown in some other tweaks to make things interesting. We hope you find the new server more responsive, we're already noticing the difference in response times. Note that there may be times when the server response slows somewhat due to heavy load on the analyzer, we are continuing to improve and investigate additional software solutions.
CSS Overlays: Using CSS Positioning to Overlay Web Objects
Learn how to create an eye-catching overlay with CSS positioning. This CSS-layout technique is faster than image slicing requiring fewer HTTP requests. This article arose out of a recent client project.